Spring into spring with these 5 healthy habits

Spring is finally here & the warmer weather is peeking through too. We start to feel excited for fresh flowers and sunny days. We also tell ourselves it’s the time of year for a spring clean – this time lets spring clean the unhealthy behaviours & start the season fresh with these 5 healthy habits!

Gabie Falconer


Gabie comes from the country town of Dubbo which is about 5 hours north west of Sydney. Her passion for chiropractic comes from many years of interest in health and the human body as well as personal experiences with chiropractic treatment. She has a passion for health and the benefits that chiropractic has on the body. Gabie has attended courses in Thompson Technique and Dry Needling to help expand her knowledge within the field.

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1. Get Up & Move

Now the weather is getting warmer there are no excuses for hiding inside from the cold. Feel your energy is low after a long day in the office? It’s the number one reason people don’t get enough exercise – so what better way to give yourself a boost of energy then going for a walk to clear the mind and get the endorphins pumping. Take the stairs instead of the lift, go to the park and play a game of basketball, walk to the grocery store instead of driving. These simple activities in your everyday life can add up resulting in a healthier you! Go on, get up and move!

2. Drink up!

Water that is! H20 is a vital nutrient to all of our body systems and every cell. If you don’t drink water, your body begins to store loads of toxins inside leading to the body systems to stop functioning. Not only is water good for your body systems, getting the recommended amounts of daily water supports healthy skin, fast metabolism, productivity, high energy levels & even enhances your mood!

3. You are what you eat.

Your diet has a big impact on the way you look and feel, so while cosmetics are a superficial fix, a healthy and nutritious diet will make you radiate beauty from the inside out. While there is so much “fast-food” and “junk food” available in this modern world- it is important to make time to get fresh food. As a general rule, anything that comes from nature (foods that do not have a label) is likely to nourish your body and support your goals. So eat up!

4. Sleeping Beauty.

A large amount of the population suffer from some sort of chronic sleep disorder. If you are one of them – you probably already know the importance of a good night’s sleep. If you wake up during the night, or just can’t get into bed at a decent hour after a long day’s work- it’s time to make some changes! Sleep experts suggest that you turn off all your lights at the same time every night (mobiles included!) and purchasing high quality bedding can help restore your restore your restful sleep pattern.

5. Breath In & Out.

Work, traffic, kids birthday parties, trying to lose weight, hectic schedules and the list goes on. You need to find time to take a long deep breath in – Go on – Long inhale filling your lungs and now exhale. Feel good? Thought so. It’s a fact that deep breathing reduces your stress levels almost immediately and can even boost your immunity! It’s that simple – take a few minutes every day to simply observe your breath and take the time to breathe in slowly and deeply.

If "Breath In & Out" isn't quite cutting it book in for a massage with Tina, and if you're struggling to "Get Up & Move" give us a call book a chiropractic appointment on (02) 8411 1024.

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